Always Had Our Interests In Mind

We had our house listed before we met Cheryl by another broker who did not have our best interests in mind. We got rid of her and found Cheryl since she was selling the house next door from us. We liked her immediately. Cheryl is genuine and very intelligent in the real estate industry. She is everything you would ever want in a realtor – very accessible both in person and returning phone calls; sympathetic, patient, and the list goes on and on. And, we, especially my husband having been a realtor before, are very hands on in all we do. Cheryl did not try to take over (like the previous realtor) and never once did she patronize us, etc. Cheryl knows her stuff and she “gently” sticks to her guns. That is so appreciated.

At one point, we looked at moving out of the area and she found us other realtors in the area where we were looking. Cheryl wasn’t at all upset that we were looking somewhere else – she just wanted us to be happy. She made sure the other realtors knew what we were looking for and always had our best interests in mind. In the end, however, we decided to stay in the area and she guided us well in the purchase of our new “old” house. We will use her again in a few years. We just love her!

Cheryl is absolutely the best. We would not want to use anyone else.